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Technical consultant

Foundation KredEx supports the comprehensive renovation of apartment buildings from the European Union’s Cohesion Fund allowing for the building’s energy-efficiency to be increased, its useful life to be extended, indoor climate to be approved, and the value of the real estate to rise. The aid can be applied for by an apartment association in the amount of 15%, 25%, and 40% (including 50% in Ida-Viru County) of the total cost of reconstruction works and 50% of the cost of technical consultant and owner supervision service. In order to receive the aid, the applicant is obliged to use the help of a technical consultant.

A technical consultant can be a private person who has undergone relevant competence training in apartment building reconstruction and passed an exam and has been included in the list of technical consultants published on the website of Foundation KredEx.

A technical consultant must provide an independent service. They cannot have any economic interests related to businesses included in the reconstruction process as other parties.


A technical consultant counsels the beneficiary upon compiling planning and construction work budgets, organizing planning and building procurements, compiling schedules, and carrying out other required processes. The main task of a technical consultant is to advise the association in technical questions mainly before reconstruction begins, but also during the later process. As such, the contract between the association and the consultant must be valid until the end of reconstruction works.

Our technical consultants have long-term (over 15 years) experience in both managing design and construction works as well as in performing owner supervision. These practical experiences and skills allow us to convey confidence that the desired results will be achieved.

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