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Owner supervision

Using expert owner supervision is additional insurance for achieving the quality of construction works. Owner supervision can only be performed by a person who meets qualification requirements. Owner supervision cannot be provided the builder of the same building nor be connected to persons whom they are supervising.

The objective of owner supervision is to ensure:

  • building according to the building design documentation;

  • documenting the construction;

  • quality of construction works;

  • construction work safety for people and the environment.

Owner supervision activity is regulated by:

  • Building Code Read more

  • Owner supervision procedure Read more

  • Professional standards Read more

  • Contract concluded with the contracting entity (see also the General Terms and Conditions of the Owner Supervision Authorisation Agreement Read more



In addition to requirements arising from legislation, the owner may order other building project management activities together with the owner supervision service (e.g. managing building meetings and taking minutes, checking the builder’s acts and invoices, heritage conservation supervision, organising warranty works, etc.)

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