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Project management

Is the project managing you, or are you managing the project?

The core of this question is not understood before conflicts and arguments arise with contractors.

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Owner supervision

Owner supervision is an activity required by the Building Code, which the building owner must ensure at the time of construction.

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Technical consultant

Foundation KredEx supports the comprehensive renovation of apartment buildings from the European Union’s Cohesion Fund...

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Design management

It is a sub-category of project management the nature of which is managing the design works as the representative of the head designer.

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Heritage conservation supervision

A historic building and a building located within a heritage conservation area may be conserved, renovated, and built only under the supervision of a heritage conservation expert.

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Additional services

  • Pre-purchase technical due diligence report

  • Arranging procurements

  • Building consultations

  • Contract-related counseling

  • Thermal imager

  • Metal detector

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