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Additional services

Pre-purchase technical due diligence report

What do you actually get when purchasing real estate?

Whether it is buying a home or investing in real estate, it is practical to include our specialist in the process, who will provide the technical due diligence report and evaluate the documentation.

We shall inspect your object and compile a technical due diligence report; if required, we put together proposals for planning maintenance works and prepare a summary of the building’s documentation. If necessary, we also organize thermography and the airtightness test.

Arranging procurements

We shall arrange planning and construction work procurements as the client’s representative. Building is a specific and costly activity and thus arranging planning and construction procurements is also a labour intensive process. As construction work usually costs a lot, many specific details must be paid attention to upon arranging procurements.

Every failure has the potential of resulting in thousands of euros of unexpected costs.

More common failures in arranging procurements include requesting the submission of tenders without having a properly prepared tender invitation, which leads to non-comparable tenders, and inadequate attention when it comes to describing the required works and contracting limits. This, in turn, may cause a situation in which some works are not included in the construction contract.

Our long-term experience in this field enables us to avoid such mistakes and perform procurements, giving equal attention to all tenderers and achieving the best result for the client.

We also have experience with arranging public procurements for design and construction works.

Building consultations

If the exact volume of activities is unknown or you need an answer to a specific question. Particularly in the planning stage of building activities you may have many questions, answers to which may help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future..

  • When do I need to compile a detailed plan?

  • Do I have to apply for a building permit or is a building notice sufficient?

  • How do I get a building permit?

  • How to compile the initial task for the designer?

  • What is the energy-performance label?

  • Can under floor heating be installed under a wood floor?

These are only some of the possible questions that may arise, and sometimes you don’t even know everything you should ask.

We provide consultations in all topics related to design work and building, in both practical and legal issues.


Contract-related counseling

A lawyer alone is not enough when it comes to negotiating contracts; you also need to include a building specialist.

The main counseling services provided by us are:

  • compiling employment contracts;

  • advising on contractual negotiations;

  • consultation in case of contractual contradictions;

We have extensive experience when it comes to compiling contracts for particular types of contracting as well as with adapting the terms and conditions of more commonly used employment contracts (e.g. international FIDIC agreement conditions and general terms and conditions of construction contracts used in Estonia).

Thermal imager

Our main service - project management and owner supervision - includes ongoing thermal imager examinations and inspections performed with it in the service price during building inspection. If necessary, we also provide thermal imager examinations as a separate service.

Metal detector

You can order a search for various types of metal objects from within the ground or the building’s constructions. The owner of a registered immovable may have an interest in such a search before beginning with construction works.

In Estonia, searching with a metal detector is forbidden without the National Heritage Board’s permit for searching for a thing of cultural value. Our employee owns a search permit issued by the National Heritage Board.

Thereby, it is essential to know that:

  • A finding of cultural value belongs to the state. The finder of an object of cultural value shall have the right to receive a finder’s fee in the amount determined by the National Heritage Board or the object itself.

  • Other treasure belongs to the person on whose registered immovable it was found (land owner). The person who found the treasure has the right to receive a finder’s fee in the amount of one-half the value of the treasure.

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