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Heritage conservation supervision

A historic building and a building located within a heritage conservation area may be conserved, renovated, and built only under the supervision of a heritage conservation expert.

Heritage conservation supervision is obliged to:

  • monitor building according to a project co-ordinated with the National Heritage Board;

  • monitor the usage of methods, working practices, and building materials that are suitable in terms of heritage conservation;

  • monitor the observation and protection of structures and details with cultural value;

  • notify the National Heritage Board of finds with cultural value discovered during the construction works, the worsening of the monument’s condition and other circumstances that endanger the preservation of the monument or its parts, or stand in the way of works being performed in accordance with the project;

  • monitor the proper documentation of the construction works;

  • if required, participate in meetings that discuss the construction works being performed on the object and the quality thereof;

  • compile a report for the National Heritage Board and fix data required for the report and photograph the required parts of the building for the report.


Heritage conservation supervision is regulated by:

  • Heritage Conservation Act Read more

  • Procedure for heritage conservation and procedure for documentation of building and other works Read more

  • Co-ordinated special conditions involving heritage conservation;

  • Contract concluded with the contracting entity.

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