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Design management

It is a sub-category of project management the nature of which is managing the design works as the representative of the head designer.

The design work project manager must be included in the team as the main contractor for performing the design works. The project manager is a binding party between the team, head designer, and the project’s contracting entity, and their main functions include:

  • Analysis of primary data, formulation of the exact initial task and need for research;

  • Compiling tender task for sub-designers;

  • Completion of the project’s team and agreeing on working areas of team members;

  • Compiling and monitoring the schedule for design work;

  • Organizing the smooth work of the project bank;

  • Continuous checking and managing of design work;

  • Documenting alterations and additional works;

  • Arranging meetings;

  • Arranging co-ordinations;

  • If necessary, representing the head designer while the construction works are being performed.



The objective of design work project manager is to ensure that the engineering design complies with the contracting entity’s initial task, valid norms, along with the timely completion thereof.

Design management is regulated by:

  • Professional standard Read more

  • standard EVS 811-2012 “Building Design”

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